I Did Not Have To Learn Any Language In Particular So I Picked Up German
While doing an online survey for language courses I came through pimsleur and dismissed it as a joke but when one of our lecturers in college told us the benefits of the pimsleur method i just thought of giving it a try. I did not have to learn any language in particular so i picked up German as that's easier to learn compared to other languages and lo and behold i developed a fair enough vocabulary within the next few days. If someone really wants to learn a language one should give pimsleur a try as it's easier and innovative way of learning.
Antaliya, Turkey.

Learning A New Language Had Never Been So Easy.
Learning a new language had never been so easy. Language courses especially in India are a big deal as you have to dole out lots of money, time, and effort and in the end one don't feel completely satisfied. I had tried learning French by joining regular classes but it was of no use and i quit after a few days, this was when my friend told me to give pimsleur a try, she said it had worked wonders for her, so i just gave it a try. Speaking with native speakers, recalling core words and phrases the course had me hooked on completely and within a month i had a fair idea of French.
Moscow, Russia.

I Am A Language Enthusiast And Had Learned French
I am a language enthusiast and had learned French and German during my school days, I got an opportunity to go on an AISEC internship but knowledge of Spanish was a must as I had to be in brazil for a month and a half, there was no way i could have picked up Spanish in 15 days. I was surfing the net for easy ways to learn Spanish when i came across the pimsleur method of learning. I can say that it did help me develop a vocabulary and a passable accent within the next two weeks, i also got used to the speed in which native speakers talk.
Boston, USA.

Language Was One Of The Barriers Which Had Let Me Down At Several Places
I am a media student and have to travel a lot, language was one of the barriers which had let me down at several places, I was worried about this handicap of mine when I came to know about the pimsleur method of learning. It really works wonders if one patiently adheres to the course material and rigorously practices during the sessions. I can vouch that anyone who has had problem learning languages in the past will find pimsleur an easy way to overcome their drawback as it is a fun method and is based on one-to-one communication.
Boston, USA.